Cyclist On Slope, On The Way to Tengger Semeru

Mt. Semeru is active strato volcano located within the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). This area is about 50273.3 hectares. In addition the beauty of its natural scenery, the park has so many cultures. This is the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign.

Mount Semeru as a Background of Bromo

Mt. Semeru has a special place for Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia in general. Because the mountain is personified as a sacred mountain located in India. In Hindu and Buddhist cosmology Semeru is derived from Sanskrit meaning the center of the universe either physical or metaphysical (spiritual).

Cyclist On Slope Tengger Semeru
Cyclist On Slope Tengger Semeru

Tengger Semeru National Park is a national park in the province of East Java. Being in some areas the administration began to Malang, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Pasuruan. Its location is very spacious making Semeru into a prime tourist spot for tourists. Mt. Semeru is the highest mountain peak of the island of Java named Mahameru. As well known as the Tengger tribe tribal indigenous knowledge is still highly valued, ethnic pluralism perch for all citizens of the world to come to the Tengger Semeru.

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