One of the beautiful beaches in Malang is Goa China Beach

Malang is not only famous for the Sendang Biru or Sempu which has beautiful beaches . There is also an interesting Pantai Goa Cina (Goa Cina Beach) to attend . The combination of rocks and white sand really spoil the eye . Existing natural potential in Malang , East Java , is very abundant . Especially in the south, there are many beautiful beaches . Each beach is unique. One of the beautiful beaches in Malang is Goa China Beach.

This beach is located in District Sumbermanjing Wetan . It takes about 2-3 hours drive from the center of Malang to arrive in Goa China Beach . During the trip , you will be treated to a charming spectator . Rice fields and green limestone mountains guaranteed feast for the eyes . The access road was pretty good , though not with the access road to the Beach Goa China. Access road leading to the beach is still a dirt road with large rocks , making it difficult for vehicles to enter the beach area .

Long journey pays off as break-even when you see the beauty of Goa China Beach . White sand and some small coral islands here are very beautiful to look at. It’s mandatory for take the photos there . Remember , tourists are prohibited to swim or do water activities in Goa China Beach . This is because the big size of waves and the depth of the beach which also have the strong waves. Regardless, as the name implies , this Chinese Goa beach has several caves . According to the story that developed in the community , first cave on the beach was once used as a pastor imprisoned by Chinese descent .

Goa China Beach 1

Goa China Beach

Rock at Goa China Beach

Beautiful wave at Goa Cina Beach


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    goa and china beaches are the beast beach to explore the travel Spots and the Holidays in India


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